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The original name Estihana represents a fusion of the two cultures: Jewish and Japanese. Estihana are the names of the owners two young daughters Esther and Hana; hana means flower or petal thereof in Japanese. We opened our Brooklyn location in 1999 and in 2011 we opened our doors to out newest location in Teaneck, New Jersey. In 2014 we closed our Manhattan location to focus our energies on our other two locations.


While the menu is Asian in scope, the food is prepared in the strictest manner of kashrut, approved by Kehilah Kashrus. We at Estihana believe that variety is the keystone of a great meal. Our menu offers culinary creations from Japan, Malaysia, Viet-Nam, and the Canton area of China.


We offer two types of menus. Some may ask how Japanese cuisine started: In the beginning there was the Sea of Japan. Afterwards the Japanese people of that populated island spent their lives cultivating this renewable food source. Due to the lack of arable land, fish became a staple and rice, which required a great deal of water, joined its ranks. The fusion thereof was a logical consequence. In addition, prior to refrigeration, a means had to be created that would satisfy the need to preserve food. Thus, the origins of sushi. Originally, the rice with vinegar acted as a preservative for the fish. Only in later times did the dish achieve such recognition and following.


Of any Asian meal there are two important components. To attain the harmony of taste, texture, color and aroma we need to balance the principles of Fan and T'sai foods. Fan foods include rice, noodles, grains and the like; whilst vegetables, meat, poultry, and seafood are T'sai foods. Only the very best of fresh and kosher ingredients find their way into our kitchens. You cannot help but notice a unique clarity and distinctiveness of flavor for the food prepared by our world famous chef Ming.


For the sake of sushi lovers, we serve fine Japanese sake, hot or cold, plum wine, White Zinfandel and Joven (sweet) sparkling wines. In addition, we have red and white wines, which are suitable for meat and chicken dishes.


We are proud of our food preparation techniques. Each dish is prepared to order using only the freshest of ingredients. Ask questions, then experience a memorable blend of Asian cuisine and American hospitality. We are certain that we'll take your kosher dining experience to the next level.


You are surrounded by a unique environment combining the best influences of Asian and American cultures. As you dine in comfort, enjoying the finest traditions of American hospitality, you are also aware of the mystery and legend of a people thousands of years old. You will notice that Estihana difference! The feeling of sitting in a bistro resplendent with beautifully framed posters, specially designed lighting, charming and calming music, and well mannered, casual bistro service. Vive la difference! Go for it! Enjoy the sushi experience!


                              Thank You for Your Patronage!!!

                        Yamin &  Ofira Dayan

Fine Kosher Dining – Asian Restaurant in Teaneck, NJ
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